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Bachelor's & Master's theses

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What about extended submission deadlines? Is there anything I need to keep in mind?

If you have been admitted for the summer term 2022 the submission deadlines will be extended ex officio by 2 weeks.

If you are affected by restrictions that make it difficult for you to write your thesis, please contact the examination board of your degree program.

IMPORTANT: You will be informed by the university automatically about the submission deadline. Only these details are binding.

Maternity leave is not compensated by this extension. Maternity leave is added as it is granted ex officio rather than upon request.

Application for the final thesis

The application deadlines for theses [PDF] remain unchanged (even if you complete the thesis before the specialist internship).

This is how you register for your Bachelor's or Master's thesis:

  • Fill out and sign the Zulassungsantrag/admission form with your proposed topic
  • Obtain a written confirmation from your first and second assessor by e-mail (informal and without signature). If applicable, add proof of the academic degree of the second examiner.
  • Merge all documents into one PDF file (file name: "Bachelorthesis/Masterthesis_study programme_matriculationnumber").

Send the PDF file by e-mail from your HTW e-mail address to the person responsible for the degree programme at the Examination Office. Please send a copy to the first examiner. The original signature will be submitted as soon as this is possible again.

The application will be checked by the Examination Administration. If the formal requirements are fulfilled, the application will be forwarded to the department/examination committee for confirmation of the topic of the thesis, the determination of the examination committee and the processing times (start and submission of the thesis). You will receive the admission by e-mail from the department administration.

Submission of your thesis

Please submit ONLY ONE PDF file containing all components (cover sheet, affidavit, etc.).The thesis may only be submitted once and not in multiple versions. Please refrain from sending paper copies or CDs. Send your thesis only to the e-mail address of your department (FB 1: Fb1@htw-berlin.de, FB 2: fachbereich2@htw-berlin.de, FB 3: Fachbereich3@HTW-Berlin.de, FB 4: FB4-Service@htw-berlin.de, FB 5: f5absch@htw-berlin.de).