Covid19 Campus Security

How does the Campus Security System work?

The HTW Berlin security system makes your stay on the campus as safe as possible. The system consists of the following components:

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3G on campus (German equivalent is “3G” for getested, genesen, geimpft)

Since 1 April, the so-called "basic protection" has been in force in Berlin, which no longer provides for compulsory 3G. However, all Berlin universities still ask for voluntary compliance with the 3G criteria (vaccinated, recovered, tested) and the use of test offers. 

The 3G Checks have not been staffed since 30.4 due to low demand and the changed situation until further notice.

Status: 1 May 2022

Digital contact tracing

A privacy-compliant digital application from HTW Berlin is available for Corona contact tracking. There are QR codes in each room that you simply scan with your mobile phone to check in to the room. 





Masks indoors

Where should I wear a mask?

Please help to ensure that everyone can feel safe on campus and consistently wear masks indoors. 



Tests on both campuses

If you need to get testet, please go to one of the public test centres next to your house. This way, an infection may be detectet before you use public transport and meet other people on campus.  Aditionally, students and employees can take a supervised self-test at the guard station ('Wache' or 'Information') on both campuses.

Please note: The public testing centre of the Berlin Senate at the Wilhelminenhof campus has been closed since 1 April 2022, the public testing centre at the Treskowallee campus has been closed since 1 July 2022. 

Status: 30 June 2022

3G status check in class

The coloured stickers on student ID cards or the coloured 2-day presence cards enable a simple visual check at events to quickly determine whether everyone present meets an appropriate status (e.g. either tested, recovered or vaccinated).

Since 1 April 2022, the so-called "basic protection" has been in effect in Berlin, which no longer requires 3G. However, all Berlin universities still ask for voluntary compliance with the 3G criteria (vaccinated, recovered, tested).

If the worst comes to the worst: report the infection via the HTW website

Students and employees who have become infected should report their infection via the HTW website. In this way, we can interrupt infection chains as quickly as possible and support the health department.


There are numerous vaccination options in Berlin, also near campus. The Senate provides an overview of vaccination opportunities with and without an appointment in Berlin. You can also find free vaccination appointments via the appointment platform Doctolib.

In order to make it as easy as possible for students and especially first-year students who are new to Berlin to get vaccinated, there were vaccination stations run by the German Red Cross directly at both campus locations of the HTW Berlin in the past winter semester. As there are currently sufficient vaccination facilities available throughout Berlin, no vaccination campaign is planned on campus for the summer semester.

Status: 21 March 2022