Vaccination FAQ

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What is HTW Berlin’s goal with regard to vaccination and how do things stand right now?

“It may be ambitious, but I want us to start the winter semester with a kind of ‘herd immunity amongst members of HTW’.” HTW President Prof. Dr. Carsten Busch issued this statement in May. A great deal has happened since then: through its own vaccination campaign in cooperation with the Karlshorst family medical practice, HTW Berlin has been able to offer university staff around 1,000 vaccination appointments. All employees and associate lecturers who wanted a vaccination appointment received a corresponding offer. A major vaccination drive for students also took place on 3 July. Providing demand is sufficient, we will offer further HTW vaccination appointments in order to reach as many students and first-year students as possible.

Why is a high vaccination rate among members of HTW Berlin so important?

As long as distances of 1.5 metres or more are required in lecture halls, laboratories and seminar rooms, there is not enough room for normal everyday study. The distance requirement is to be suspended as of 19 August 2021 in accordance with the regulations for the winter semester 21/22, published by the Berlin Senate and the universities. However, this can only be implemented with high immunity rates and if you as students make every effort to contribute to your own protection and that of your fellow students. Because only a high immunity rate will provide enough security to facilitate a higher level of presence on campus in the winter semester and also protect the few who are unable to get vaccinated.

What does a high level of immunity mean for HTW Berlin in concrete terms?

Experts currently assume that, due to the mutations, a vaccination rate of 80 to 85 per cent is required to achieve herd immunity. For HTW Berlin, this means that approximately 11,000-12,000 students and around 1,300 employees and lecturers should have full vaccination protection or immunity by the start of the winter semester.

Will vaccinated people have advantages at the university?

Since March 2020, all of us as members of HTW have had to endure a great many disadvantages: we have had to keep our distance from one another, study and work predominantly online, and our two beautiful locations in Treskowallee and on the River Spree have only been accessible with precautionary measures, etc. We want to enable as much presence as possible in the winter semester. To ensure this, the “3 Gs” will play a decisive role in addition to the existing hygiene measures: only those who are vaccinated, recovered or tested (German: “Geimpft, Genesen, Getestet”) can take advantage of university academic offers on site and gain access to these services. Those who have been vaccinated can therefore use all of the higher education institutions’ in-person courses without restriction.

How to get a vaccination appointment?

  • get an appointment via the vaccination hotline: 030 28 2200 (7am until 6pm)
  • get an appointment with a family doctor. A list of all doctors can be found in the attachment. Here you can ask directly if appointments are available.
  • get an appointment online. Scroll to the bottom of the page until you reach the appointment booking section ("Termin buchen").

What documents do I need?

  • Identity card, passport or residence permit
  • Confirmation letter of the appointment
  • Medical history form, informed consent form and patient information sheet (this is in the attachment). Please fill out already before the appointment.
  • Vaccination certificate (if available! You will receive documentation of the vaccination on a separate sheet anyway.)

Who bears the costs?

Vaccination is to be free of charge for people, regardless of their insurance status. The cost of the vaccine will be covered by the federal government. The states, together with the statutory health insurance and private health insurance, bear the costs of operating the vaccination centers.