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Augmented Reality


Augmented Reality:

  • Applications and Theoretical Foundations includes
  • Historical Development and Best Practice Examples
  • Hardware and Software for AR and VR Applications
  • Machine Learning and AR
  • Algorithms for Image Processing and Recognition in the Area of AR

Introduction to Data Mining


Introduction to Data Mining

Mobile Applications for Public Health


Mobile applications for quality management in surgeries, facility management in hospitals and online pharmacies

Introduction to Next Generation Sequencing data analysis


Includes topics from Bioinformatics, health card system, quality management in surgeriesmultimedia content for medical students, online pharmacies, facility Management in hospitals

Mobile Devices


Students gain theoretical knowledge and practical capabilities in creating applications for mobile devices. They will be competent in handling development platforms for mobile devices and will be able to do projects witihn these topics. They gain theoretical and practical knowlede in building and testing software systems for mobile devices.

Information and Communication Technology


Information and Communication Technology

German as a Foreign Language


At the beginning of the Welcome Weeks, two weeks prior to the start of the lecture period, we will offer a language test that determines the level for the ensuing two-week German intensive course.

Based on their level in the intensive course, students will then be able to enroll for one or more German language classes during the semester, lasting between 16 and 18 weeks.

Our language department offers a wide range of courses - from General German classes, focusing on the basics of grammar and conversation, to more advanced German courses with specializations in the fields of Design, Business and Technology.

More information on the German language course offering can be found here.

General Courses (AWEs)

ECTS 2:                                        

Every Semester students are able to choose from a list of general courses in order to complement their regular curriculum courses. As the specific topics of these courses are not determined before the Welcome Weeks (March for Summer Term and September for Winter Term) it is not possible to publish a reliable list here.

Some examples of General Courses taught in English from previous semesters are:

  • International Standardization
  • Design Thinking and Human Values
  • Becoming a Global Graduate
  • International Entrepreneurship

Additionally around 70-80 varying General Courses are offered in German (B2 German recommended) every semester, such as:

  • Wissenschaftliches Schreiben und Präsentationstechniken
  • Rhetorik
  • Karrieremanagement für Frauen
  • Film Workshop / Von der Idee zum fertigen Film
  • Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign

As the specific topics are not published yet at the time of the application, students can simply select "AWE - General Course" on their learning agreement and then apply for their specific General Course(s)  after their arrival.

Please note that some General Courses might have a limited places and therefore the acceptance is subject to the respective capacity and cannot be guaranteed.

If students cannot find a suitable course from the list after their arrival, it is of course possible to amend their learning agreement and to remove/replace one or more courses.