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Reserve a dormitory room

Rather than being operated by the universities, the student dormitories in Berlin are organised by Studierendenwerk Berlin (the student services organisation for Berlin). On request, the International Office will be pleased to reserve a dormitory place for you. Please tick the corresponding boxes on your application form. We will then submit an application on your behalf to the dormitory management staff. Please understand that we have no influence on the allocation of rooms in the dormitories and are therefore unable to take special preferences into account. Unfortunately only a limited number of dormitory places are available.

Rent & deposit

The monthly rent for one person is between 245 and 315 euros, depending on location and the level of facilities. The first monthly rent payment and the deposit (1.5 x your monthly rent) must be paid in cash to Studentenwerk Berlin or the dormitory management staff directly after your arrival. The rent must be paid in the following months on the first day of each month. The rent for the first month must be paid in the full amount for the entire month, even if you are arriving later that the first day of the month. The minimum period for renting a room in the student dormitory is three months.


The rooms in the dormitories for exchange students are normally equipped with basic furniture. However, you will need to buy blankets, pillows, bedding, crockery and cutlery yourself or bring them with you.

Other accommodation options

You can also look for shared accommodation or your own apartment.