Arrival & departure

Table of contents

Health insurance

Before arriving in Germany, please send us proof of valid health insurance covering the entire duration of your stay. EU students only need to send a copy of their European health insurance card. Representatives of the statutory health insurance companies will be present at the welcome event. Submission of your EHIC card is sufficient to obtain certification of insurance cover entitling you to health care. Non-EU students are required to purchase health insurance cover from one of the statutory health-insurance providers. We are unable to accept insurance cover from your home country. There are approximately 30 statutory providers of health insurance in Germany; all charge the same fees for students under 30. We will send further information regarding the purchase of health insurance before you enter Germany. You can address any questions you may have to the representatives of the statutory health insurance companies that are present at the welcome Event.

Legal requirement to register with the local authorities

All citizens are required to register with the local authorities. This applies to everybody living and working in Germany; Germans and non-Germans alike are required to register their address. Everyone entering Germany with a visa is required to register within seven days of arriving in Berlin. This applies to you as an international student! Any changes to your address (even within Berlin) also require registration.

Documents required

In order to register at the local registration office, you are required to submit the following documents:

  • A completed application form
  • A visa (if required)
  • A valid passport
  • A tenancy agreement for accommodation

Residents in Berlin can register at any local registration office in Berlin.

Residence permit for non-EU students

Every non-EU student remaining in Germany for more than three months is required to apply to the Landesamt für Bürger- und Ordnungsangelegenheiten Berlin (Foreigners' Registration Office) for an official residence permit. The application can be made after registering with the local registration office and only by personal appointment. The International Office is happy to provide assistance with arranging an appointment with the Foreigners’ Registration Office. You will be required to submit the following documents to the Foreigners’ Registration Office.

  • Application for a residence permit (form available from the International Office)
  • Confirmation of registration with the authorities
  • Passport or ID card (ID)
  • Student ID card / confirmation of enrolment
  • Confirmation of health insurance
  • Proof of sufficient financial means
  • Passport photograph (not a computer-generated photograph or colour copy)

Opening a German bank account

As payments in Germany (rent, health insurance and other payments) are generally cashless and are made via bank transfer, we recommend that you should open a bank account. You will require a bank account in order for the deposit which you paid on your room to be refunded. We recommend that you open an account at a branch of any bank in close proximity to your residence. You will require your passport or ID card, confirmation of registration with the local registration office as well as proof of enrolment at HTW Berlin. Student accounts are often available with special conditions. Please inform the International Office of your bank details so that you can receive any monies to which you are entitled.

Before departure

  • Timely notice of your intention to leave your accommodation
  • If necessary, obtain confirmation from the International Office regarding your studies at HTW Berlin
  • Punctual cancellation of your health insurance (applies only to non EU-students)
  • Return any borrowed books (library)
  • De-register from the local registration office
  • Close your German bank account