Your Exchange at HTW Berlin

Table of contents

Welcome Weeks

Before the official start of the semester, the International Office organises a two-week mandatory introductory programme. This includes information events, cultural highlights and an intensive German course.

Program of the Welcome Weeks (Summer Term 2018)

You can find the schedule of the Welcome Weeks with all locations and meeting points here.

 Welcome Brochure (Summer Term 2018)

In case you have lost your printed out copy or would just like to have the digital version as it is more convenient for you, you can obtain it here.

Semester Dates (inkl. Welcome Weeks and exams)

Summer Term 2018

  • Welcome Meeting: 15th March 2018
  • Welcome Weeks: 15th March until 29th March 2018
  • Lecture Period: 4th April until 28th July 2018
  • Exam Period: 9th until 28th July 2018 (it is normal that lecture and exam periods overlap)
  • 2nd Exam Period: 24th September until 8th October 2018 (optional opportunity to re-take failed exams)
  • Exchange Period for Confirmation of Stay (e.g. Erasmus+)

In case you need to state the Duration of your Exchange Period on your attendance certificate, which is        usually used in order to determine your scholarship payments, please use the following dates:

For Start Date:  Date of the Welcome Meeting, e.g. 15th March 2018 in the Summer Term of 2018

For End Date: Date of the last day of the Exam Period, e.g. 28th July 2018 in the Summer Term of 2018

Semester ticket

The semester ticket enables you to use the public transport system (city rail, underground, tram, bus) within zones A, B and C in Berlin. The semester ticket is valid for an entire semester (in winter semester from 1 October to 31 March and in summer semester from 1 April to 31 August). Information about public transport in Berlin and a personal route planner can be found on the website of the BVG (Berlin public transport company). If you lose your semester ticket, please contact the International Office.

Registering for modules

Module registration at HTW Berlin takes place online via the LSF portal. You will be provisionally registered for modules in advance based on your learning agreement. Further information about the procedure for online module and exam registration will be provided at a special event during the welcome week.

Attendance of language courses

If German is not your native language, depending on your language level you will be required to complete an intensive language course amounting to a total of 40 hours over two weeks (Monday to Friday, four hours per day). This intensive course prepares you linguistically for your studies at HTW Berlin and is therefore mandatory. In order to assess your language knowledge and place you in the most appropriate group, a short German test will be held beforehand. The course encompasses the following content areas:

  • Country studies, customs and traditions in Germany (textbook: Blick auf Deutschland)
  • Organisation of studies at HTW Berlin
  • Further development of reading and listening comprehension (textbook: Leselandschaft)
  • Grammar recap and consolidation
  • Current events (national and international events)

During the semester you can decide whether you wish to attend language courses offered by the Foreign Languages Centre of HTW Berlin. You can choose from

  • different languages (German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Swedish, Russian, Japanese) and
  • different levels (beginner, advanced).

Transcript of Records

As soon as all results are available, the International Office will send your transcript of records to your home university. It is important that you have properly registered in advance for all modules and examinations. If you registered for an examination but failed to attend without providing a good reason, you will be automatically assigned N/A as your result (Not assessable = exam was not taken). Therefore, please contact the International Office without delay if you are having a problem with registering for modules or examinations or are unable to take an examination due to illness.

ECTS: European Credit Transfer System

The European Credit Transfer System is an assessment procedure for European universities. The standardised assessment system (30 ECTS points per semester) simplifies the accreditation process and enables academic studies to be transferred within the EU. If you are participating in an Erasmus/Socrates programme, you will need to sign a learning agreement regarding the modules and the number of ETCS you are required to obtain. The completed ETCS can then be accredited at your home university to avoid having to extend the duration of your study programme. In order to obtain a degree from HTW Berlin, you must complete all of the modules required for the study programme as specified in the examination regulations. ECTS already completed in your home country will not necessarily be accredited.


HTW Berlin offers an extensive sports programme during the semester and during the holidays.