German Study Programs

Below we have listed our most popular German study programs. After clicking on one of the program titles you will be taken to the respective course offering which is at your disposal during your exchange at HTW Berlin.

In case the study program you would like to be nominated for is not listed here, or in case you require more specific information you can find the link to all of HTW Berlin's study programs on this website.

Please note:

  • It is only possible for you to be nominated and to apply for study programs that are covered by a bilateral agreement between HTW Berlin and your home university. In case of doubts please get in touch with the respective International Coordinator at your home university.
  • It is unfortunately not possible to choose courses from more than one study program.
  • Your Learning Agreement will be generated within our Mobility Online Application portal which you can access after you have successfully been nominated by your home university.
  • It cannot always be guaranteed that all of the courses on your Learning Agreement will be accepted as sometimes courses have a limited capacity. Therefore we strongly recommend you to state at least two alternative courses on your Learning Agreement.
  • Some study programs such as Industrial Design or Kommunikationsdesign do not offer all of their curriculum's courses every semester. Therefore in the course list you can find a note above each semester which indicates when the courses are offered.  I.e. if you are applying for an exchange in the Winter semester you are only able to choose courses from the semesters which are marked "NUR ZUM WINTERSEMESTER" and in case of an application for the Summer semester you are only able to apply for courses marked "NUR ZUM SOMMERSEMESTER"