Accreditation of modules and examinations completed abroad

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  • Before you begin your studies abroad you need to agree the modules that are to be accredited as listed in the Study Programme [PDF].
  • When you return, apply to the faculty administration for the grades you received abroad to be converted. Submit the following documents
    • Application request (no template required)
    • Study Programme
    • Certificate from the university abroad confirming your modules and examinations
    At the HTW Berlin Business School the conversion will be performed by the Faculty Coordinator for International Affairs, in the other faculties by the responsible Examination Board.

Modified Bavarian formula

Grades awarded abroad are converted into the points system used by HTW Berlin (Section 14 Para. 1 of the Study and Examination Framework Regulations). If you are unable to submit a description of the foreign grading system, the conversion will be based on the overview of foreign university grade scales in the anabin database. For orientation please refer to the Conversion Table [PDF]. The modified Bavarian formula is applied when converting foreign grades as follows:

 x = 1+ 3×((Nmax-Nd)/(Nmax-Nmin))

  • x: HTW grade to be calculated
  • Nmax: best possible grade in the foreign system
  • Nmin: lowest possible grade required to pass in the foreign system
  • Nd: grade awarded abroad

The result is rounded to the next closest HTW grade.
Example: 2.6 is rounded to 2.7 and 2.4 is rounded to 2.3

If the result lies between two grades, it will be rounded up to the higher grade.
Example: 2.5 is rounded to 2.3 and 2.15 is rounded to 2.0

Relative grade distribution

The Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs recommends that the relative distribution of grades should also be taken into account. Example: In the UK scores above 80 points are hardly ever awarded. At HTW Berlin students are more frequently awarded the best grade of 1.0. When converting grades, 80 should therefore be taken as the maximum grade (Nmax).