University preparatory course (Studienkolleg)

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What is a university preparatory course?

If you have a foreign higher education entrance qualification that is only comparable with Germany’s Abitur to a limited extent, you will be required to take the "Feststellungsprüfung" (entrance exam) before you can start your degree programme. In the Studienkolleg university preparatory course you will be prepared for this assessment. Studienkolleg university preparatory courses are state-funded and can be found in most federal states in Germany. They will prepare you for studying in Germany…

  • by providing you with the necessary language skills (DSH-2)
  • by ensuring that your level of knowledge and command of scientific methods are the same as first-year students with a German university entry qualification

Before you are given a place on a preparatory course, you must demonstrate your knowledge of German and mathematics in an entrance exam. In cooperation with TU Berlin, HTW Berlin offers a subject-specific “Technology” preparatory course (suitable for technical or design-based study programmes as well as for business and economics).

All documents will be accepted in German and English. Documents in other languages require a German or English translation. Do not send original documents, please provide officially certified copies of your documents.

Applying via uni-assist

To apply for the Studienkolleg university preparatory course, submit your application via uni-assist by 30 June or 30 November together with the following certificates:

  • School certificates, university degree certificates and transcripts from your country of origin
    Information from the Central Office for Foreign Education (Zentralstelle für ausländisches Bildungswesen – ZAB) regarding the admission requirements for German universities can be found at
  • Proof of German proficiency
    Even if you intend to apply for a study programme for which the language of instruction is English, the preparatory course can only be completed in German. A level B2 language certificate for German must be provided when you apply.

If you are unable to provide all of your certificates from your country of origin, uni-assist will forward your application to HTW Berlin after you have proved your refugee status with a copy of your residence permit. HTW Berlin will then decide whether your application can be considered.

Applications via uni-assist should be submitted online via your personal profile and in paper form to the following address:

HTW Berlin
c/o uni-assist e.V.
D-11507 Berlin


Once you have been granted admission, before beginning your preparatory course — 1 April for the summer semester, 1 October for the winter semester — please provide the following documents:

  • Proof of health insurance
    Participants on the university preparatory course can only take out a private health insurance policy with a private health insurance provider. This means that once you have submitted proof of private insurance, you are not required to submit proof of exemption from participation in a statutory health insurance scheme.
  • A copy of your passport or identity card
  • Copy of a valid residence permit for Berlin and for studying at HTW Berlin
    You can ignore the remark "Studium nicht gestattet" (study not permitted) should this still be stated on your permit. It is not necessary to additionally apply to the Berlin Foreigners Registration Office (Ausländerbehörde des Landesamts für Bürger- und Ordnungsangelegenheiten) for permission to study. You will usually need to provide proof of your residence permit at the latest by the end of the first semester.