The HORIZON-Programme

The programme is interesting to you, if you are ...

  • an international exchange student from a partner universities of HTW Berlin wanting to study one semester at HTW Berlin.
International exchange students
  • a regular degree student at HTW Berlin enrolled in a degree programme taught in German and you are interested in studying in English — either by taking an individual class or by committing yourself to a complete semester in English. (Please be aware that further information for this particular group of students is only available in German.)
HTW Berlin degree students
  • a guest student or guest listener and your would like to attend individual courses in English at HTW Berlin.
Guest students, e.g. refugees

Although you all study in mixed groups, the programme offers and regulations slightly vary — depending on which group of students you belong to.

You will learn more, if you click one of the three target groups.

(Please note: The information for HTW Berlin degree students is only available in German, as HORIZON is only relevant for students from HTW degree programmes taught in German.)

What is HORIZON?

HORIZON is the programme for new and innovative opportunities for international exchange at HTW Berlin. It has been launched in March 2016 and came into effectiveness  for the first time in the Winter semester of 2016/17. One major goal of HORIZON is to foster the international exchange on campus. We want to encourage our international exchange students and our domestic students to learn together and positively interact in and beyond the classroom.

What is the main idea behind HORIZON?

HORIZON stands for expanding the own horizon, changing perspectives, inspiration and personal development. The practical goal of HORIZON is to foster internationalization at HTW Berlin. This means:

  • Increasing the number of courses taught in English in all fields of study.
  • Developing possibilities for our students to gain intercultural skills and international experience.
  • Creating new international study opportunites on campus in addition to study abroad offerings.
  • Attracting international exchange students from our partner universities in Europe and around the world.
  • Stimulating the contact and interaction between students from different nations and cultures at HTW Berlin.
  • Strengthening internationalization of the institution from the inside and mainstreaming it in all fields.
  • Simply turning HTW Berlin into an even more exciting place and... making the world a little better.