English courses for exchange students (Winter Semester 2020/21)

HORIZON offers different thematic tracks that each comprise curriculum courses worth at least 20 ECTS. These tracks reflect various fields of study available at HTW Berlin. The classes in the tracks are taught in English. There is one exception: In the "Studying in German" track, you will be offered the opportunity to join individual classes in our regular  study programmes taught in German.

Please be aware...

that the thematic tracks taught in English are not identical to the general degree programmes we offer to our degree students at HTW Berlin — no matter whether these degree programmes are taught in English or in German.

The thematic tracks are newly designed schemes mixing and matching courses from different organizational units at the university. They do not lead to an own final degree, but offer courses for credit which can be transferred to your own degree programme.

Thematic tracks can not be mixed or combined. You have to choose one track only.

The course offering and number of Thematic Tracks might vary from semester to semester and will be updated by 1st March for the subsequent Winter term and by 1st September for the subsequent Summer term.

Available thematic tracks (Winter Semester 2020/21)

Thematic tracks on Bachelor's and Master's level
  • International Business - Bachelor
  • Environmental Engineering & Sustainability - Bachelor
  • Electrical Engineering - Master
  • Architecture Engineering Construction and Operation (AECO) - Bachelor