FAQ for refugee students and prospective students

Students and prospective students from Ukraine are very welcome at HTW Berlin.

Quick access to important websites

Table of contents

Can I enrol in my preferred degree programme at HTW Berlin?

Preparatory steps I need to take:

  1. Use programme overview with filter function
  2. Check required language skills
  3. As necessary: request German course 
  4. Use uni assist
  5. See the website of the desired degree programme for further admission requirements (aptitude test, pre-study internship)

How do I apply to study at HTW Berlin?

Please note: the application deadline for the winter semester 2022/2023 has expired.

Required steps to apply for the summer semester 2023:

  1. Comply with application deadlines
  2. Take note of the instructions for international applications
  3. Take note of special information and services for refugees

Use Counselling services offered by the Student Services Department for international applicants


What do I do if I do not yet meet the admission requirements for a degree programme?

Preparing to study - my options:

Where can I find the right university if I am unable to enrol in a degree programme at HTW Berlin?

My points of contact: