Women with a refugee background

We are looking for students with a refugee/migration background for a podcast project!

We are working on a podcast project in cooperation with InteraXion that seeks to make the experiences of people with refugee and migration background at the HTW-Berlin more visible. We are looking for students and participants of our Integra courses, who are willing to share about their personal journey in Germany.

Particularily interesting is what your personal path to the HTW Berlin looked like, and what kind of experiences you are making here. Topics beyond that are also highly welcome. Whatever you want to share! If you are interested and want to know more, please write an email!

Before studying

HTW Berlin would like to support women with a refugee background who are interested in studying and help them on their way to successful enrolment.

For women with a refugee background
Have you already obtained a higher education entrance qualification in your country of origin? Or have you studied at a university abroad? Would you now like to start studying in Germany? If so, please contact us! We can provide individual advice on whether you are able to study at HTW Berlin and will support you through the steps to enrolment.

For social institutions
If your institution has contact with female refugees who might be interested in studying at HTW Berlin, please get in touch with us. Together we can develop ideas about which formats would be best for informing and supporting women with a refugee background.

During studies

Female students with a refugee background often face additional difficulties on top of the general challenges of studying. The aim of our empowerment workshops is to help female students with a refugee background to make (even) more effective use of their own resources and strengths. Exact dates for the empowerment workshops will be announced here. Our advisory service for refugee students at HTW Berlin provides individual support with any questions, problems and wishes relating to studying.


M.A. Sabine Bretz
 Rufnummer: +49 30 5019-2654
Campus Treskowallee
TA Gebäude C, Raum 113
Treskowallee 8
10318 Berlin
 Nach Vereinbarung

Advisory services

We offer individual confidential advice and support for refugee women both before and during their studies. Consultation hours are Tuesday to Thursday between 9 am and 2 pm at the Treskowallee campus, Building C, Room 113. Please contact us in advance by email or telephone. All information and support services will be treated as confidential.


Information events

We want to reach more women with refugee experience and provide them with information about the posibilities of studying, about our study programmes as well as about our preparatory courses at HTW Berlin. We work together with various local social organisations and hold information events in cooperation with them. Right now only online events are possible. The next event is on 29.6.2020 in cooperation with InteraXion e.V., visit the facebook event for more information.



In cooperation with Gladt e.V. we will organize an empowerment workshop for students with refugee/migration experience and/or experiences of racism. Empowerment is the process of enhancing someone's strength, in the face of marginalization by (intersecting) social constructs.

Due to the corona pandemic we cannot hold any physical meetings until further notice. In August however we are planning to offer an online empowerment training. more information will follow shortly. If you are interested you can already contact us.