Press Relations Office

The Public Relations Office is the main hub for external and internal communication. The team handles public relations, designs and produces printed media, organises selected events and manages the university’s website and social media. It is also responsible for developing the university’s corporate design.

The Public Relations Office coordinates the international programmes of HTW Berlin and offers a wide range of services in the area of internationalisation, including basic issues relating to partnership and cooperation agreements, representing the interests of HTW Berlin in Germany and abroad, and implementing mobility programmes.

Head of Press Relations

Gisela Hüttinger
 +49 30 5019-2442
 Presseanfragen, Expertenvermittlung, Drehgenehmigungen, Printpublikationen, Corporate Design, Mappenservice, Merchandising, Newsletter "htw.aktuell"


Katrin Albaum
 +49 30 5019-3278
 Social Media, Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften
Adina Herde
 +49 30 5019-2401
 Internetauftritt der HTW Berlin, Intranet, Social Media, Bildredaktion, Newsletter "Checkpoint"