Award for Successful Communication in Science

Once a year, HTW Berlin presents an award for successful communication in science.  With this award, the university honours communicative contributions by scientists and young scientists, and expresses its appreciation of science communication. The Award for Successful Communication in Science is awarded to scientists who ...

  • ... address relevant scientific issues and communicate these to target groups outside the university context in a broadly comprehensible manner.
  • ... develop a variety of ways to communicate their content, particularly dialogue-oriented formats, and involve different social groups in the process.
  • ... generate trust in science with their appearance and manner of communication.
  • .... not only present facts and findings, but convey the scientific process via their communicative approach, and present their results in context, thus making the dynamics of scientific thinking tangible.
  • ... create understanding for social diversity.
  • ... promote active citizenship.

A jury-based decision

The decision will be made by a jury consisting of internal and external members of the university:

  • Prof. Dr. Stefanie Molthagen-Schnöring as Vice President for Research and Transfer,
  • Prof. Dr. Volker Quaschning as the last award recipient (2018),
  • Anja Schuster as Head of the Press Relations Department,
  • Rebecca Winkels as expert for science communication and project manager of the portal,
  • Susanne Geu as expert for digital science communication,
  • Tilmann Warnecke as journalist for the newspaper "Der Tagesspiegel".


The Award for Successful Communication in Science seeks to boost the recipient’s profile in the field of science communication. The prize money is therefore intended to be used to fund any strategies or activities which aid this endorsement, e.g. individual coaching, qualified staff support, a photo shoot etc.. The award recipient may decide which strategies and activities they wish to engage in. Several approaches may be combined; services with a total value of up to 3,000 euros may be commissioned.