Master’s study programmes

Table of contents

Different application deadlines

For the International and Development Economics study programme the application deadline for enrolment in summer semester is 30 September.

Consecutive, further education or career-integrated

At HTW Berlin you can choose from around 40 Master’s study programmes.

  • Consecutive Master’s study programmes build directly on a Bachelor’s study programme (with the same name). The subjects covered by the Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees are related.
  • Further education Master’s study programmes can be taken after any completed degree programme. Studies often culminate in the award of a Master’s of Business Administration degree. Further education Master’s study programmes are usually subject to fees.
  • Career-integrated study programmes are similar to further education study programmes, but in addition to a completed first degree, relevant qualified practical vocational experience is also required. These study programmes are also usually subject to fees.

Admission requirements

To apply for a study place on a Master’s study programme

  • you must have successfully completed a Bachelor’s degree programme or
  • you are currently in the final semester of your Bachelor’s degree programme and have already registered to write your final thesis.

Different additional selection criteria apply for different study programmes. The applicable criteria are listed in the Eligibility and Admission Regulations for each study programme.

Different application procedures

Different application procedures apply depending on whether

All applicants will be treated equally in the admissions procedure and have the same prospects of securing a study place.