Module registration

Table of contents

Mandatory registration

If you want to take modules, language courses and supplementary modules and sit the examinations, you first need to register for these modules. You can only take examinations if you have been allocated a place for a module. To do this, register with your HTW account via the LSF portal. All modules for each semester are listed in the programme schedule.

Registration for winter semester 2018

17.09. to 23.09.2018 | Phase 1: Registration of requested modulesModule places are allocated regardless of the point in time when you submit your registration request in the LSF. During this phase you can change your registration requests as you wish by registering or de-registering for your respective modules. For certain groups special rules apply.
24.09. to 28.09.2018 | Phase 2: Allocation of remaining places

During this time the registration functions for students are blocked. The faculty administrations will process special case requests and prepare the automatic allocation of places.
Places are allocated by computer. If there are fewer places for a module than there are registrations, places will be randomly allocated. The following ranking priorities apply:

  • 1: Students in whose study programme the module is offered and who are taking the module in the scheduled semester
  • 2: Students who are repeating
  • 3: Students in whose study programme the module is offered but who are not taking the module in the scheduled semester
  • 4: Students from other study programmes

You can only check the current status of your module registrations via the LSF. In your personal timetable the registration status is indicated as follows:

AN: Registration request submitted (ANgemeldet). You do not have a place for this module yet.
ZU: Registration request approved (ZUgelassen). Please note that at this point it cannot be determined yet whether you can register for the respective examination.
AB: Registration request refused (ABgelehnt). You can submit a new registration request. Please take into account the current registration numbers for the module.

29.09. to 30.10.2018 | Phase 3: Allocation of remaining places
  • 29.09. to 18.10.2018 | Allocation of remaining places and withdrawing registration via the LSF
    To apply for remaining places, please submit your registration requests again. There is no automatic step-up procedure. If you have been automatically allocated a place that you no longer require, please withdraw from this place in the LSF. This can then be allocated to other students.
  • 19.10. to 30.10.2018 | Allocation of remaining places via the faculty administration
    If you missed the module registration phase in the LSF, please contact your faculty administration.
30.10.2018 | Phase 4: End of registrationIf you have still not received a place by this point, please refer to the current regulations of HTW Berlin.

Modules from other study programmes or faculties

If you would like to take a supplementary module or a module from another faculty or study programme, please observe the following information:

  • Check with the chairperson of your examination board whether the module will be accredited for your study programme.
  • Find out from your faculty administration whether a special examination registration is required for that module.
  • Register for your chosen module as normal via the LSF. If you are unable to register for the module via the LSF, please contact the faculty offering the module.