Applying with foreign certificates

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When should you apply via uni-assist?

Apply via uni-assist if you are not a national of  European countries or a member state of the Agreement on the European Economic Area and obtained your higher education entry qualification or first academic degree outside Germany.

This still applies ify ou are currently enrolled or were previously enrolled on a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree programme at another German university, but have not yet obtained a degree and wish to transfer to HTW Berlin.

uni-assist will assess whether your foreign certificates meet the standards of the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs  (Central Office for Foreign Education – ZaB) and are sufficient for admission to higher education in Germany. Your foreign grades will be converted to the German grading system. All applications that meet the general admission requirements will be forwarded to the university for further processing. Applying via uni-assist is subject to fees.

When should you NOT apply via uni-assist?

Instead of applying via uni-assist, you should apply directly to HTW Berlin if

Application deadlines

Application periods and deadlines for Bachelor’s study programmes:

  • 01 April to 30 June for winter semester
  • 01 October to 31 December for summer semester

Application periods and deadlines for Master’s study programmes:

  • 1 October to 15 December for the summer semester
    (exception: For the International and Development Economics study programme the application deadline for enrolment in summer semester is 30 September. Please apply directly to HTW Berlin.)

uni-assist processes applications in the order they are received by post. It generally takes uni-assist four to six weeks to process an application after payment has been received.

Application documents

  • Collect the documents you need in good time in advance, at least two months before the application deadline. The sooner you submit your documents, the more time you will have should you be asked to provide additional documents. Required documents include
    • proof of your education from your secondary school leaving certificate to your current education status
    • proof of language proficiency
    • other application documents (e.g. CV, copy of your passport, letter of motivation)
  • We recommend to send all required documents as officially attested copies (with a seal of authentication and the signature of the authenticating person). Everything you need to know about obtaining officially attested copies can be found on the uni-assist website. A simple copy of your application documents is usually accepted.
  • All application documents must be submitted in German or English. Documents in other languages must be submitted with an officially attested German or English translation, otherwise they will not be accepted. A list of officially authorised translators in Germany can be obtained from the Bundesverband der Dolmetscher und Übersetzer (BDÜ, Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators).
  • If you are applying to more than one university via uni-assist, you can send all of the documents together in one envelope to uni-assist. Please make sure that you pay the right amount of postage. Please do not enclose any return postage, as uni-assist will not send back any documents to you.

Complete the online application

  • For all Bachelor’s study programmes you first have to register on
  • The user data (BID and BAN) you receive when you register on is required for your application via uni-assist. Enter this information when you register on the online portal of uni-assist.
  • For all Master’s study programmes please register directly via uni-assist. There is no need to register via

The online application process is mandatory. Here you can:  

  • generate your application forms, fill them out and send them electronically to uni-assist
  • permanently save your personal data for the application form
  • directly select study programmes
  • enter and change priorities
  • check documents in advance and then electronically send documents
  • view the current processing status of your application and
  • contact uni-assist

Once you have completed your application, it is important that you print it out and send it electronically to uni-assist. Click on the checkmark box and then on "Elektronisch abschicken" (send electronically) in order to submit your online application. In addition to your online application, please also submit a paper-based application with your personal signature. Send it together with all of your application documents to uni-assist.


Please do not forget to pay the processing costs to uni-assist at the latest by the application deadline. Your application cannot be considered otherwise.

What happens after uni-assist has forwarded the application?

uni-assist check the documents according to criteria set by HTW Berlin. They will inform you of the result in writing by e-mail and by post. If all criteria are met they can forward your application to the university. Afterwards your application will be further reviewed by the university. The HTW Berlin itself is responsible for informing on admission.

You can find out about the current processing status of your application via the HTW applicant portal

You will need your user name and password.
These were sent to you by email after a positive checking result by uni-assist.

Notice of admission or refusal

Notices of admission and refusal from the main admission procedure will be provided online by HTW Berlin approx. five weeks after the application deadline.