Applying with a degree from another university

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Complete the online application

If you

Required credit points

A number of Master’s study programmes require a first academic degree with 210 ECTS. If you only have a degree with 180 ECTS, you can

  • request accreditation of professional experience after your first academic degree and/or subject-specific modules in the amount of the missing 30 ECTS or
  • be admitted on the condition that you complete certain additional modules or internships during the Master’s study programme in order to reach a combined total of 300 ETCS through your Bachelor’s and Master’s study programmes.

Application documents

After you have filled out the online application form of HTW Berlin, the system will automatically generate a list of documents that you must submit. Please send all documents as officially attested copies within the deadlines for Master’s study programmes.

You will need to provide the following documents as proof. If the word “optional” is written next to the listed document, please check in the Eligibility and Admission Regulations for your chosen Master’s study programme whether this criterion is taken into account for your application. If it is, submit the listed documents.

  • First academic degree:
    • Copy of the degree certificate for your first degree programme, or if you do not have your degree yet, proof of the confirmed provisional average grade and registration to write your final thesis,
    • Grade transcript or list of individual subjects with details of individual grades and number of credit points (ECTS);
  • Proof of study periods:
    • Current enrolment certificate or  de-registration certificate stating the current university semester;
  • Programme plan, programme overview:
    • Short or tabular overview of the modules in your first degree programme (copy from the Study Regulations);
  • Specialisation areas or study programme-specific subjects (optional):
    • Copy of the grade transcript with the subjects which are to be taken into account (please mark relevant modules on the copy),
    • Confirmation of registered examinations from the Examinations Office (if you have taken subjects in your last subject semester but have not yet received a grade for this),
    • Module description of the specific subjects (copy from the Study Regulations),
    • List of ECTS per subject (if individual modules are summarised as  specialisations, please attach proof of ECTS points for the specialisation);
  • Subject-specific professional experience after your first academic degree (optional):
    • Copy of your work reference or employment contract showing the duration of your employment, the nature of your employment (full time/part time) and the key focus areas of your work;
  • Proof of language proficiency
  • Additional documents (optional):
    • e.g. letter of motivation, internships

Your application documents can be

  • sent by post,
  • delivered in person to the SSC or
  • dropped into the internal post box in front of the SSC (emptied daily).

Documents will only be accepted if they provided as hard copies (not by email or fax) and are received before the application deadline — the receipt date-stamp of HTW Berlin is decisive, not the postmark date.

Final-semester students

If you have not yet completed your Bachelor’s degree programme, enter your provisional average grade in your online application and today’s date as your graduation date.

After being granted admission and enrolling, you must prove that you have successfully completed your Bachelor’s study programme by the following deadline:

  • 15 December if you start studying in the winter semester
  • 15 May if you start studying in the summer semester

If you cannot provide your Bachelor's degree by these dates, you will be re-assigned back to your Bachelor’s study programme at HTW Berlin after expiry of the following deadlines:

  • 20 January if you start studying in the winter semester
  • 20 June if you start studying in the winter semester

Once you have successfully obtained your Bachelor’s degree, you will then have to apply again for your chosen Master’s study programme HTW Berlin.