Applying with a HTW degree

Table of contents

Complete the online application

If you

  • obtained your first academic degree at HTW Berlin or
  • you are currently in the last semester of a study programme at HTW Berlin and have already registered to write your final thesis,

you can apply for a place on a Master’s study programme. Fill in the online application form of HTW Berlin within the application deadlines for the Master’s study programmes.

Application documents

You do not need to submit any documents that relate to your studies at HTW Berlin. The Admissions Office already has this information. Only submit documents that

  • relate to additional studies completed outside of your study programme at HTW Berlin and
  • are relevant for the selection procedure as specified in the Eligibility and Admission Regulations for your chosen Master’s study programme.

For example:

  • Proof of subject-specific professional experience after your Bachelor’s degree
  • Proof of relevant vocational training
  • Proof of time abroad
  • Letter of motivation, CV, personal profile
  • Proof of English proficiency

Your application documents can be

  • sent by post,
  • delivered in person to the SSC or
  • dropped into the internal post box in front of the SSC (emptied daily).

Documents will only be accepted if they provided as hard copies (not sent by email or fax) and are received before the application deadline — the receipt date-stamp of HTW Berlin is decisive, not the postmark date.

Only pay the semester fee once

  • To accept your study place, pay the semester fee by bank transfer and send the signed declaration of acceptance declaration.
  • If you have already paid the semester fee to cover your re-registration for the Bachelor’s study programme,
    • you only need to submit the signed acceptance declaration by the deadline and
    • send an email to quoting your applicant number and student ID number and stating that you have already paid the semester fee for your Bachelor’s study programme.

The fee will then be linked to your Master’s account. You do not have to pay the semester fee twice.

Submit missing documents by the beginning of the semester

After accepting your study place, you must submit all of the documents listed in the notice of admission by the beginning of the semester — regardless whether you already submitted the documents during your application for a Bachelor’s degree programme at HTW Berlin. HTW Berlin will definitely require

  • a copy of your passport or identity card and
  • a current health insurance membership certificate.

Applying during your final semester

If you have not yet completed your Bachelor’s degree programme, instead of entering your provisional average grade in your online application, enter "4,0" and today’s date as your graduation date.
After being granted admission and enrolling, you must prove that you have successfully completed your Bachelor’s study programme by the following deadlines:

  • 20 January if you start studying in the winter semester
  • 15 June if you start studying in the summer semester

If you cannot provide proof of your Bachelor's degree by these dates, you will be re-assigned back to your Bachelor’s study programme at HTW Berlin after expiry of the above mentioned deadlines.

Once you have successfully obtained your Bachelor’s degree, you will then have to apply again for your chosen Master’s study programme HTW Berlin.