Get to know HTW Berlin

Table of contents

Study orientation

Should I study? If the answer is yes, then which subject should I study and where? These are difficult questions faced by most young people who will soon be leaving school. HTW Berlin is here to help you to make the right decision for you.

  • Visit our open days to find out about the different study programmes available at HTW Berlin.
  • Take part in a campus tour organised for groups or sign up to experience a real lecture.
  • Orientation seminars for individual school pupils are a good way to find out which study programme best suits your skills and abilities. You can also accompany a student for a whole day at university or attend courses to prepare you for studying.
  • There are also opportunities exclusively for girls to attend a university taster day or participate in a mentoring programme.

For specific questions about individual study programmes or the application process, the Study Advisory Service offers special counselling times for prospective students.

School pupils meet university students

One of the best ways to find out about studying is through direct contact with students. HTW Berlin therefore organises a range of initiatives for school pupils to meet current university students.

  • The HTW-TIENS are university students who volunteer to talk with school pupils at fairs or on campus at HTW Berlin, providing helpful insights into the different study programmes and daily student life. As well as explaining how they decided which subject to study, they take school pupils on a tour of the labs and show them the canteen and all the other important places on campus.
  • The Mitlaufen project offers individual school pupils the chance to spend a whole day accompanying a student at university. It is an opportunity to gain a realistic impression of life on campus and to find out whether a particular subject is of interest.

At events such as open days, the various study programmes and labs are presented from the students’ point of view. A student initiative has also been set up to offer homework support  for school pupils in the local area.

Experience science on location

Children and teenagers are curious by nature – as are scientists. HTW Berlin offers school pupils of all ages the opportunity to conduct experiments, carry out research and ask questions at lectures at the university.