Part-time studies

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If you wish to complete your attended study programme on a part-time basis, important reasons are required:

  • Employment
  • Caring for and raising a child under the age of 10
  • Obligation to care for family member in need of care, as defined in the German Personal Leave for Caregivers Act (Pflegezeitgesetz)
  • Pregnancy, maternal leave, parental leave
  • Carrying out a mandate for an organ of the university, the student body or Studentenwerk Berlin
  • Other serious reasons

you can study only in part-time basis, as long as the reason given and proven.

Please note

  • If you are studying part time, it is up to you to put together your study programme plan. Questions relating to choosing modules should be addressed to your faculty administration or your study programme advisor.
  • You cannot complete the semester in which you write your final thesis on a part-time basis.
  • During part-time study, you will not receive any German state student grant or loan  (BaföG), as your working time is not being fully used for studying (Section 2 no. 5 BAföG). Please obtain information from the BaföG office before applying for part-time study.
  • The periods of study that you complete on a part-time basis will be counted towards the regular period of study.
  • Part-time semester count as full university semester and half subject-related semester


Please submit the following documents by e-mail from your HTW account to the Student Service Centre by the stipulated deadline:

  • Application for Part-time Studies available on the LSF together with
  • reason(s) in writing or written proof


Please change your part-time study status back to full-time study by the stipulated deadlines

  • if you no longer wish to study part time
  • as soon as the reason entitling you to part-time study no longer applies
  • before the beginning of the semester in which you write your final thesis

Please send the Revocation of Part-Time Studies form to the Student Service Centre by email. The form is available on the LSF.

Do not forget to re-register!

Changing in part-time / full-time is only possible after proper re-registration for the respective semester. Also think about re-registration deadlines.