Table of contents

Re-registration deadline

Please re-register for every semester. If you do not re-register, you will lose your student status and will be de-registered.

  • Pay the semester fee: In order to re-register, transfer the semester fee to the bank account of HTW Berlin. Please note the applicable re-registration deadlines. No emails or payment requests will be sent to you. If the final oral exam (colloquium) is the only module that is missing to finish your studies you should not re-register.
  • Check your re-registration status and print out your enrolment certificate: You can check in the LSF portal to see whether your semester fee has been received and you have officially re-registered.
  • Validate your student card: As soon as you have been granted admission for the new semester, you can update your student card at a card validation terminal. You can print out enrolment certificates yourself from the LSF portal.

Late re-registration

Even if the regular re-registration deadline has expired, you still have four weeks to re-register. A late penalty fee is payable for late re-registration and this must be transferred without any additional request together with your semester fee to the bank account of HTW Berlin.

Failure to re-register

If you only transfer part of the semester fee, do not pay the semester fee at all or pay it after expiry of the extended deadline, you will be automatically de-registered at the end of the previous semester. You will receive the de-registration notice by post.

Other reasons for denied re-registration

Regardless whether you have paid your semester fee on time, you can be denied routine re-registration for a number of reasons, e.g.

  • missing proof of health insurance
  • missing parts of the pre-study internship
  • failure to fulfil your conditions of admission
  • failure to attend scheduled examination counselling
  • missing language test

If such reasons exist, you will be informed in good time by the Admissions Office. To retain your student status, you must submit the missing proof by the applicable deadline.

Special cases

If you are

  • completing your final semester and only have the final oral examination to do in the coming semester, you do not need to re-register (exception: Public und Nonprofit-Management).
  • taking a dual study programme at two universities and are not exercising your membership rights at HTW Berlin, you should re-register at the other university.
  • taking an external leave semester, please remember that you still need to re-register.