Studying without a higher education entry qualification

If you have enrolled at HTW Berlin with a specialist entry qualification (Section 11 no. 2 or 3) of the Berlin Higher Education Act), special rules apply for you.

Table of contents

Credit check after two semesters

At the end of second semester, it will be checked whether you have obtained at least 30 credits in the modules prescribed in the programme plan for your study programme. You can only accumulate credits by completing modules and passing with a minimum grade of "sufficient" (4.0) or "pass". You can view your accumulated credits in the LSF at any time (HTW login required).

Study programme review with study plan agreement

If you have not obtained at least 30 credits after two semesters, you must attend a programme counselling session. Failure to attend will result in your de-registration. During the study programme review you will agree a binding study plan agreement for the third and fourth semester. This agreement requires you to

  • complete all outstanding modules from the first study semester in the third and fourth semester and
  • fulfil other conditions as necessary.

At the beginning of the fifth semester it will be assessed whether you have fulfilled the study plan agreement. If you have not obtained at least one third of the agreed credits, you will be de-registered.

Please note

In study programmes that admit new students only in either the winter or in the summer semester, the modules will generally only be offered once a year. Use the opportunity to re-take examinations in the second examination period for these study programmes. Do not wait until the semester after next.