What happens if you are unable to take an examination

Table of contents

Inability to take an examination

  • If you do not participate in examinations despite having registered, you are not required to submit a doctor’s note. Simply re-register for the examination in the second examination period or for the next semester. Please observe the repeatability period.
  • If you become ill while writing your final thesis, you can apply for an extension of the writing period.

Examination dates and examination attempts

  • Two examination periods are offered for each semester. For each examination, you have a total of three semesters before the repeatability period ends. This means you have a choice of six dates on which you can take an examination.
  • You have three attempts for each examination.

This means:

  • If you register for but do not take an examination, you have forfeited one examination date, but no examination attempts.
  • If you fail or abandon an examination, you lose both an examination date and an attempt.
  • If you allow the repeatability period to expire, then you are considered to have forfeited all examination dates; any remaining attempts are also forfeited.

    Recognition of hardship case

    If the repeatability deadline has expired, the examination board may be able to recognise a special hardship case. To apply, you must immediately submit, i.e. with three work days, the following documents to the Examinations Office:

    • Hardship application can be found at LSF
    • Detailed explanation of the reason why you were unable to take the examination
    • Clear proof of this reason. A certificate of incapacity for work is not sufficient.