Exemption from Semester Ticket

According to the VBB pandemic-related reasons (COVID-19) for an exemption from the mandatory payment of the Semesterticket fees are NOT VALID.

The semester ticket is your ticket to use the public transportation in Berlin and neighboring regions of the Transport Association Berlin-Brandenburg (VBB), tariff zone A, B, and C. The purchase of a semester ticket for public transport in Berlin and the surrounding area has been mandatory for all students of HTW Berlin.

According to §18a Section 4, BerlHG and Semesterticket-Satzung you can apply for exemption for mandatory semesterticket fees for the current semester when certain reasons justify a dispensation.

Valid reasons for an exemption from the mandatory payment of the Semesterticket fees include:

  • Students who are ill or disabled, and therefore cannot use public transport
  • Students absent from the public transport area Berlin (A, B, C) for study reasons for at least three consecutive months (for example if you spend a semester abroad)
  • Students of further Masters courses (ZbWS)
  • Leave of Absence
  • Students who use the "Firmenticket"
  • Part-time students who are entitled to unemployment benefit 2 and thus the Berlin Ticket S (AB) in the Hartz IV standard rate.

In case of exemption from the semester ticket your ticket will be devaluated and cannot be used anymore for the public tranportation.

The requirements for exemption from the semester ticket are regulated in the Semesterticket Statutes [PDF].


The Request of Exemption from mandatory Semesterticket Fees and the HTW StudentCard (HSC) for the current semester need to be submitted as originals, further proofs (confirmation letters, medical records etc.) in copies.

You will find the request form in LSF.