Grant from the social fund for semester ticket

The semester ticket is a ticket for the public transport. It gives you permission to use its transportation as buses or local railway in the tariff zones A, B, and C. The purchase of a semester ticket for public transport in Berlin and the surrounding area has been mandatory for all students of HTW Berlin.

According to §2, Section 2 of the Social Funds Statutes you can apply for a grant if you find yourself in financial difficulties or other special hardship.

When applying for grants to the semester ticket out of the Social Funds your semester ticket is not to be devaluated.

To apply for a grant to the semester ticket out of the Social Funds you have to meet specific requirements and present the following hardship(s):

  • still working on the final thesis on the last day of the re-registration period
  • an internship/practical training course according to my study regulations which is
    unpaid or a low-pay internship/practical training course
  • a restricted work permit (international students)
  • high costs for medical treatment
  • a costly diet necessary because of disability or illness
  • pregnancy (after week 12)
  • single parents

The request for a grant to the semester ticket out of the Social Funds can only be considered within the deadline. The application will be processed as soon as complete documentation is submitted to the Student-Service-Center. The following documents need to be submitted - regardless the reason for application:

  • complete rental agreement and if applicable proof rent increase or extension
  • up to date proof of BAFöG
  • proof of child support
  • complete, gapless and uncensored bank account statements of all bank accounts and deposits, with period of 3 months
  • vehicle registration (if applicable)

Every reason stated is to be proved by applicable documents.