Semester fees

Table of contents

Semester fees for attended study programmes

Enrolment€ 306.89
incl. late penalty (€ 19.94 )
€ 306.89
€ 326.83
Exchange students from universities abroad (incoming students)€ 256.89
Studienkolleg (university preparatory course)€ 306.89
External leave semester due to maternity, parental leave, family care
€ 245.80
External leave semester due to illness or by request€ 306.89
External leave semester due to internship or period of time abroad by request                (not including mandatory internships and mandatory semesters abroad)€ 50.00
External leave semester due to service pursuant to § 12 of the University Regulations (e.g. BFD - military service, FSJ - voluntary social year, FÖJ - voluntary ecological year, JFD - alternative civilian service)€ 0.00

Re-registration period

The semester fee must be received on the account of HTW Berlin by the specified dates:

Summer semester
  • Re-registration period:
    1 January to 5 February
  • Re-registration with late penalty:
    6 February to 1 March
Winter semester
  • Re-registration period:
    1 June to 15 July
  • Re-registration with late penalty:
    16 July to 15 August

Please inform yourself about the semester fee and the re-registration periods for the next semester well before the end of the current semester. You will not receive any separate request for payment from HTW Berlin. If you fail to pay the semester fee within the regular re-registration period, please transfer the applicable amount plus the late penalty fee.

Account details

Pay the semester fee by bank transfer to the following account:

Account name:HTW Berlin
Bank:Postbank Berlin
Payment reference:Your six-digit student ID number without the prefix "s0"

It is essential that you enter ONLY your six-digit student ID number in the payment reference box - your bank may call this box 'Payment Details', 'Reason for Payment', 'Purpose' or similar (in German this is the 'Verwendungszweck'). Do not enter this information in the 'Customer Reference' (German: 'Kundenreferenz') - this box should be left empty. If your student ID number is missing or if you enter additional information, your bank transfer cannot be automatically linked to your student account. Delays in your re-registration may incur late penalty fees.