A guide to using Möbius - the online maths course

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About Möbius

Möbius is an online learning platform designed to support the representation of mathematical formulae and inputs. It uses the computer algebra system MAPLE for this purpose.

The learning platform provides direct feedback on your level of knowledge and describes how the online tasks can be solved. This allows you to directly identify and close gaps in your knowledge.

Input help when using Möbius

In order to enter answers in text form in Möbius, you need to know in advance which characters are translated by the system and how, i.e. how to write mathematical symbols, expressions and functions using your keyboard.

The most important points related to inputting in Möbius are summarised for you on this page.


Key tips for inputting

  • Always put a multiplication sign *
    • e.g. 2*a
  • Entering a fraction (numerator)/(denominator)
    • e.g. (2*a)/(3+b)
  • Use English spelling conventions for numbers
    • e.g. 2.50 and 2,000.50 or 2000.50
  • Write the mathematical constant π as Pi

Mathematical Symbols

The following table provides an overview of the most important mathematical signs in Möbius, so that you can enter the mathematical expressions easily in future:


Inputting functions

For some functions, you must also observe the syntax so that the output does not show an error.

Take a look at the following table:

Exponential Functionexp(x)
Euler's Numberexp(1)
Root Functionsqrt(x)
Logarithms to Basis 10log(x)
Natural Logarithmsln(x)
Absolute Functionabs(x)

Further information

More information and instructions can be found on the Möbius website.