Lütje, Anna


Enhancing Industrial Symbiosis of SMEs by extending Material Flow Cost Accounting (MFCA) to a Supply Chain Management tool


Prof. Dr. Andreas Möller, Leuphana-Universität Lüneburg; Prof. Dr.-Ing. Volker Wohlgemuth, HTW Berlin


This prototypical IT tool is to be conceptualized and set up in this research project, so that it could be rolled out nationwide, perspectively Europe-wide, for example by involving several industrial and commercial areas in this collaboration platform. Thus, the resource efficiency and IS effect of the IT tool could be scaled and established as a cross-industry and supra-regional solution. In addition, it would also be conceivable in the future to use an organizational Life Cycle Assessment (oLCA) on the model in order to depict the corporate environmental impacts, since the necessary data basis was established for the MFCA. This could also be used to calculate semi-automated corporate carbon footprints. These kind of information could in turn be used as an instrument of communication to stakeholders.