Sahlmann, Kristina


Semantic Web im Internet of Things


Prof. Dr. Bettina Schnoor, Universität Potsdam; Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Schwotzer, HTW Berlin


The original idea of the internet had a decentralized approach: every internet host sends data packages along to its neighbors if they are not addressed to itself. Every host is a sender and a receiver at the same time. Nowadays we are moving towards Internet of Things (IoT) and again all the small devices and sensors get decentralized nature. They exchange data with their environment and neighbors next to them. Data exchange requires a mutual understanding of exchanged data. Semantic approaches, namely a vocabulary help which leads to a Semantic Web of Things. This paper describes a proposal for the Micro-Ontology Context-Aware Protocol (MOCAP). Sensors can use microontologies which are always context-aware and send this semantic information to other devices. The receivers gain valuable information using the semantic description and data about microontology. Implementing M2M protocols on limited devices like sensors is challenging. We introduce an extension to MQTT and CoAP that exchanges data based on Micro-Ontologies. That leads to semantic interoperability even on the level of sensor grids.