Steinmüller, Laura


Vermittlung von archäologischer Forschung im Museum anhand der Architekturtradition sassanidischer und islamischer Zeit


Prof. Dr. Dorotheé Sack, FU Berlin; Prof. Dr. Matthias Knaut, HTW Berlin


This project addresses the question how, in conveying current research results to a wider audience, we are to overcome the problem that the research and its results are increasingly specialized, and that the interested layperson is presupposed to possess an ever increasing amount of knowledge that can no longer be readily supplied. Using the example of architectural fragments from Ctesiphon, the project will examine research conducted on the object, up to and including presentational work for the museum transfer process. The goal is to develop a best practice model involving both research and the museum, on the basis of a concrete example from the Museum of Islamic Art directly relating to “Ancient Persia”.

The result will be the formulation of a guiding methodology that includes standards for interaction between research and museum presentation. The outcome will be presented both in a publication and at the jointly developed museum exhibition.