Zedel, Daniel


Abtrennung von homogenen Katalysatoren aus mizellaren Systemen mittels Ultrafiltration


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Mattias Kraume, TU Berlin; Prof. Dr.-Ing. Anja Drews, HTW Berlin


In this work, the subject is to investigate the ultrafiltration of reverse micellar solutions in order to find the most suited membrane material. Operating conditions such as cross-flow velocity, temperature, flux or transmembrane pressure shall then be optimised in terms of maximum micelle or catalyst retention. Moreover, for an efficient process design, a practical and reliable flux and retention model shall be developed. Finally, the MEUF step will be coupled to the reaction step to obtain an optimised integrated process.

Due to a change in research direction, the focus also lays on the removal of the surfactant used in hydroformylation from the organic phase after the phase separation step via organic solvent nanofiltration.