Small States meet Blockchain@HTW Conference

Start 14. April 2023

The Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft (HTW) Berlin and the Institute of Small and Micro States (ISMS) are delighted to invite you to an exciting two-day conference on the importance of technology for small and micro states. The aim of the conference, which will be held predominantly in the form of interactive workshops, is to connect small states’ stakeholders with experts from the tech industry, economists, scientists, climate change experts and the legal profession to foster an understanding how technology can facilitate solutions to small states’ pertinent issues.

The importance of technology and the need to overcome existing prejudices are undisputed but so is the need for a reflective and judicious use of technology. Breaking down silos and highlighting the interconnectedness between issues and disciplines will help small states’ stakeholders in their decision- making and experts in the targeted development of solutions. The conference will start off by showing already existing examples. The aim of the workshop style conference format is to create an environment where stakeholders and experts have the time and the space to discuss and to work on solutions through free and frank discussions.

Registration and programme