Occupational health management

HTW Berlin aims to promote healthy behaviour in the workplace with its occupational health management programme. The University offers you various opportunities for health promotion and integration management. Occupational safety is also part of this.

Table of contents

Health services

You can find our range of health services on the intranet as well as in moodle

The university sports department offers you a varied programme of sporting activities. In addition to the semester sports programme, we offer courses for employees of HTW Berlin. In principle, all employees may count 15 minutes per week within the reference period for health promotion programmes as working time.

Health promotion is an integral part of staff development at HTW Berlin: it includes courses on “Stress and Time Management”, “Healthy Vision” and “Resilience Training”.
You can register for the in-house seminars in Moodle.

Our safety engineers are happy to answer any questions you may have about occupational safety, maternity protection and first aid.

Operational integration management

Further information, e.g. the service agreement “Operational Integration  Management” (OIM), is available on the HTW Berlin intranet.

 The team at our Family Support Centre is happy to advise you on the compatibility of work and family. Emergency childcare is available for employees. A holiday programme for children can be booked through our partner “voiio”.


As part of conflict resolution and to promote collegial interaction at HTW, we offer all employees the opportunity to take advantage of mediation. This is a structured procedure for resolving conflicts. Trained mediators support you in developing possible solutions that can be accepted by all parties to the conflict. Mediation is primarily about recognising the needs and interests of the conflicting parties and finding solutions at this level. Further information can be found on the intranet.

Psychological counselling for employees

Psychological counselling is available to all HTW Berlin employees if required. This support service can be utilised without long waiting times and without consulting superiors. The intranet contains all relevant information about this service.

Additional offers

Representatives from the health insurance companies Techniker Krankenkasse and AOK are regularly present on campus. Details of counselling appointments can be found on the HTW Berlin intranet.