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I really like working for HTW Berlin because our unique team of professors, staff and highly motivated students can provide vital input for the energy transition. Through our work in the area of renewable energies, we are helping to create a sustainable energy supply and combat climate change.

Prof. Dr. Volker Quaschning, professor, Renewable Energies degree programme

Volker Quaschning

I only arrived in Berlin yesterday and don’t know the city at all yet. Amazingly, when I arrived at the station, I bumped in to someone I knew from when I was studying in Wolfenbüttel. I did my degree there in Law, Finance Management and Taxation (LL. B.) and I’ve also worked in this area and done internships. I’m now looking forward to doing my Master’s degree in Business Law at HTW Berlin and to meeting new people. The content of the programme sounds very promising and I’ve also had a look at the exam regulations. I'd like to work in consultancy and succession management because I think this is a really interesting field.

Cansu Sarizeybek (24), first semester Business Law (Master)

Cansu Sarizeybek