Semester fee

The respective semester fee for the enrolment or re-registration is to be paid within the respective deadlines. This is done by bank transfer. You will not receive a separate payment request.

Table of contents

Regular on-campus study programmes and "Studienkolleg" - winter semester 2024/25

Administration charge 50.00 €
Beitrag zur Studierendenschaft
(gem. Beitragsordnung der Studierendenschaft i.V.m. § 20 BerlHG)
 12.50 €
Contribution for the Legal Student Body 63.00 €
Contribution to the semester ticket176,40 €

Contribution to the social fund for the semester ticket    1,00 €
Total amount
302.90 €
In case of late re-registration, an additional late fee will be charged.  19.94 €

If you are enrolled at two universities and can prove that you are not exercising your membership rights at HTW Berlin, you will pay your semester fee at the other university.

On the job- and advanced study programmes