Semester fee

The respective semester fee for the enrolment or re-registration is to be paid within the respective deadlines. This is done by bank transfer. You will not receive a separate payment request.


for attended study programmes and the Studienkolleg 

Administrative fee
(in accordance with § 2 paragraph 7 BerlHG)
 50.00 €
Student body fee (AStA)
(in accordance with § 20 BerlHG)
  6.00 €
student services fee (social contribution to the „studierendenWERK BERLIN”)
(in accordance with Sozialbeitragsverordnung)
 54.09 €
Semester ticket fee
(in accordance with § 18a paragraph 4 BerlHG)
118.80 €
social contribution for semester ticket
(in accordance with § 18a paragraph 5 BerlHG)
228,89 €
Penalty for late re-registration
(in accordance with § 11 paragraph 3 HO)
  19.94 €

The semester fee can be reduced for external leave.

The administrative fee is discharged for Incomings.

Bank account details

Please enter ONLY your six-digit student ID number in the payment reference box. Your bank may call this box 'Payment Details', 'Reason for Payment', 'Purpose' or similar (in German this is the 'Verwendungszweck').  If your student ID number is missing or if you enter additional information, your bank transfer cannot be automatically linked to your student account. Delays in your re-registration may incur late penalty fees.

Account name:HTW Berlin
Bank:Postbank Berlin
Payment reference:Your six-digit student ID number without the prefix "s0"