Living in Berlin

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Searching for accommodation well in advance is recommended

You will need a certain amount of patience to find affordable accommodation that is right for you. Flats within Berlin's S-Bahn ring are particularly in demand. You should take care of this well in advance — ideally as soon as you receive your study place. Please pay attention to consider legitimate offers only!

HTW Berlin does not let, allocate or place students into housing. Finding housing is your own responsibility.

Student dormitories

  • In the student dormitories of Studierendenwerk Berlin you can either live in a private apartment or share with others. From the Treskowallee Campus you can easily walk to the Aristotelessteig and Sewanstraße dormitories. For all student dormitories the same rule applies: if you are interested in a place, you must register through the residence portal. The waiting lists can be very long. You can only apply for a place if you already got a spot for a study programme!
  • The Bürgermeister-Reuter-Stiftung rents private rooms and apartments for one or two people to students.

Shared accommodation

You can search for shared accommodation (called Wohngemeinschaften or WG for short in German) on WG portals.

Own apartment

  • The best ways to find an apartment are
  • If you only have a low income, you can apply for Wohngeld (housing benefits) and a Wohnberechtigungsschein (document certifying your financial hardship) which will entitle you to inexpensive social housing.