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Select a study programme

At HTW Berlin you can choose from around 70 programmes of study. In addition to standard Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes, there are also career-integrated study programmes. Make sure you check the admission requirements and any specific requirements of your chosen programme of study before you apply to HTW Berlin. Please note that a number of study programmes have special admission requirements.

HTW Berlin offers self assessments for individual study programmes. A self-assessment is a good way to test whether a degree programme is right for you.

Online application

  • Nationals of European Countries or a Member State of the Agreement on the European Economic Area or graduates of the German preparatory course ("Studienkolleg") please use the online application system of HTW Berlin.
  • Non-EU/EEA applicants or applicants who have not passed the Feststellungsprüfung at a Studienkolleg in Germany please use the uni-assist system.

Please note that different application deadlines apply for Bachelor’s and Master’s degree study programmes.