New regulations

From summer semester 2020 for the application process with participation in the dialogue-orientated procedure (DoSV):

  • The previous coordination phases 1 and 2 will be merged into a single coordination phase, the decision phase no longer exists.
  • The clearing procedure will be replaced by a coordinated step-up process. Participation is only open to applicants who have not been granted admission to a study programme and who have registered for the coordinated step-up process. New applicants can also submit an application.

Table of contents

Select a study programme

At HTW Berlin you can choose from around 70 programmes of study. In addition to standard Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes, there are also career-integrated study programmes. Make sure you check the admission requirements and any specific requirements of your chosen programme of study before you apply to HTW Berlin. Please note that a number of study programmes have special admission requirements.

HTW Berlin offers self assessments for individual study programmes. A self-assessment is a good way to test whether a degree programme is right for you.

Online application

Please note that different application deadlines apply for Bachelor’s and Master’s degree study programmes.

Confirmation of receipt for application documents

Please understand that we cannot automatically confirm the receipt of your application documents.

If you wish to receive a confirmation of receipt of your application or subsequent submissions, please hand in a self-addressed and stamped postcard. We will be happy to confirm the receipt via sending this postcard back to you.

Please note that the confirmation of receipt is no confirmation of the completeness or correctness of your application.