Partner universities

Students at HTW Berlin have the option of doing part of their studies at one of approx. 150 partner universities. Around 120 of these universities are located in the EU. Cooperation agreements also exist with universities overseas, including countries such as Australia, China, Mexico and the USA.

HTW Berlin cooperates with regional and international institutions as well as key players in the areas of science, business, management and culture. As a research partner, HTW Berlin  is involved in numerous education, culture and infrastructure projects, development initiatives and economic development programmes.

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European University Association

HTW Berlin is a full member of the European University Association (EUA). It is one of the few German universities of applied sciences that fulfils the criteria for admission to the largest organisation representing the interests of European universities. The main activities of the EUA include playing an active role in the Bologna Process and organising conferences, workshops and seminars.


HTW Berlin is one of the six German universities of applied sciences with an engineering focus that founded the German Alliance of Applied Sciences (HAWtech). The aim is to cooperate closely in the areas of teaching, research, technology transfer, further education and university management, establish a joint public profile and pursue a strategic position. Students on the Elektrotechnik and Maschinenbau study programmes have the option of doing an exchange semester at one of the HAWtech universities of applied sciences.

Affiliated institutes

HTW Berlin cooperates with independent affiliated institutes that conduct application-oriented research and provide continuing education in the areas of business, law, computer science, engineering and media.

The Berlin Partner initiative

HTW Berlin belongs to Berlin Sciences — a network that promotes Berlin as a centre for science through targeted marketing and communication initiatives.