Change Management and Leadership

Change Management and Leadership - a title that reflects two of the major issues you might be challenged with, even during early stages of your career. The program that we carefully designed for you has been continuously updated and refreshed to ensure it is extremely relevant to the leaders of today’s business.

Leadership is a core skill during change processes but also one of the unsolved „mysteries“. Everybody talks about it but there seems to be no solution for what might be the best leader. Thus, we might explore questions like “why should anyone be led by you?” and transcend traditional leadership theories.

The world in which you have to lead yourself and others will be changing at a more or less constant speed, in a complex and dynamic global environment. But even large-scale change efforts are often unstructured and driven by individual ambition, politics and short-term focus.

We will touch upon the descriptive part of leadership and change that tries to illustrate how people behave in change processes and in leadership situations. This science is grounded in psychology and systems psycho dynamics. Specifically, we will discuss the many heuristics and biases that people have while being involved in change processes and during leadership situations.

You can be certain that you’ll be benefiting from cutting edge research, award winning teaching methods, resources and case studies all geared towards enabling you to maximize your individual performance in an organization.
We as a team will develop your personal effectiveness skill at leading yourself and others, specifically in regard to your role as a leader.

Course Factsheet

DegreeUniversity Certificate in Change Management and Leadership
PaceSupportive Lectures and Tutorials in online-class; Additional self-paced learning
CertificateUniversity certificate ≙ 5 ECTS
DurationApril – July
CertificationOnline exam
DifficultyIntermediate / advanced
Time Commitment4-8 hours per week
Price2.950 Euro plus Tax
FundingEducational leave possible

Course Description

After this course you will be able to support and facilitate change in your organization. Following frameworks you will become familiar with all necessary steps to design a change program.

However, frameworks and tools can be dangerous because they create the illusion of control. Thus, you will be faced with ambiguous situations, where you must make decisions to experience your personal negative capability and ultimately train your resilience as a leader.  Experiential learning plays a significant role in the course, which might trigger resistance. Again, resistance is one of the key aspects in change and we will discuss it a lot on individual and group/systems level.

Leader as a term itself often is just the phantasy you have of this role. This can lead to conflicts with others, if your phantasies don’t match. To increase matching, we will discuss the concept of roles and resistance once your conception of role is challenged.

You will learn in real-time and asynchronous lectures with professors via video conference with direct & personal feedback. Additionally, the material in the eLearning system will support your learning process.
The ECTS system is employed to ensure international recognition of students' academic achievements. The credits awarded in this course can recognized by other universities and substitute modules in study programmes.

The learning outcomes are:

  • You will learn the devastating roots of change-management and why leadership theories are only as good as you think they are.
  • You will realize that sound project planning only is the first step (that we will not cover) and that no plan survives contact with reality.
  • You will experience resistance during experiential learning sessions and challenge your own assumptions regarding your role and values that affect your role taking.
  • You will understand the complexity of systems dynamics and become familiar with systems psycho dynamics.
  • You are able to predict behavior in change situations and adapt your own actions.



Prof. Dr. phil.
Jürgen Radel
 +49 30 5019-2645
 Change-Management, Organizational Behavior,
Executive Advisory & Coaching (INSEAD ICC 4 & ACG 1; TIHR),
Interpersonal and Group Dynamics