Foreign Languages

Brigitte Dreßler, Diplom

Area of expertise:  Russian as a Foreign Language, Intercultural Communication, German-Russian Translation
Thematic Track:  All tracks, German as a Foreign Language

Brigitte Dreßler graduated from Kuban State University in Krasnodar, Russia in 1982 and holds a degree in Russian Language, Literature and Education. Since then, she worked as a language instructor for Russian, since 1994 at HTW Berlin. Besides teaching, she has done research on intercultural communication and the translation of specialized terminology in higher education. For her contributions, she was awarded an honorary doctorate in 2013 from her alma mater. Brigitte Dreßler currently serves as Deputy Head of the Foreign Languages Centre. She coordinates all German as a foreign language courses and takes an active part in the international exchange of HTW Berlin with Russian universities.
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