Elective courses

International Marketing

Credits 5 ECTS


·  Are able to apply basic marketing knowledge in international business contexts. They understand the interrelationships and dependencies of international marketing activities. Students practice independent analysis and interpretation of international marketing problems and can develop their own solutions for these problems.

· Acquire the marketing management competences of analysis, structuring and implementation of international marketing decisions.

· Can apply general marketing management processes to questions in international contexts.

· Have the opportunity to approach specialised topics in international marketing with rigorous methodology and objectivity and overcome their complexity using analytical thinking, situation-dependent selection and systematic action.

· Have acquired skills for and awareness of problematic situations in marketing and in-depth knowledge on the development of suitable and practical solutions.

· Develop strategies for market entry and market cultivation for international marketing and can make independent decisions regarding the international marketing mix

· As a team can implement theoretical planning in a simulation under competitive conditions

· Are able to communicate the results of their work via a presentation and defend these in specialised discussions via argumentation based on appropriate and relevant content.

Specific competences are developed in the following areas:

· Preparation and implementation analysis, principally market analysis;

· Formulation and justification of operative, medium-term and long-term marketing goals in international target systems;

· Development of decision-making and design competence for recording market developments and possible adaptation strategies.