Arrival & departure

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Health insurance

EU/EEA/Swiss students are obliged to submit a two-sided copy of their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) to our Mobility Online Platform alongside all other application documents.  Please note that the validity of the EHIC needs to cover the entire duration of your exchange. Students who do not have a valid EHIC are required to obtain a local health insurance cover equivalent to a German public health insurance after their arrival in Germany as it is not possible to accept other insurance covers from your home country. Representatives of several health insurance companies will be present at the Welcome Meeting and will be happy to answer your questions and also offer you to sign up with them on the day. However you can of course sign up with any of the approximately 30 statutory providers of health insurance in Germany who all charge the same fees (around 100 EUR/month).

If you are a Turkish citizen coming from a Turkish university, you are advised to speak to one of the Health Insurance representatives at our Welcome Meeting in order to enquire whether your Turkish Insurance can be accepted based on the bilateral Social Security Agreement between Germany and Turkey.

Registration with the Citizens‘ Office (Bürgeramt)

The registration with the Citizens‘ Office (Bürgeramt) is obligatory for everyone living in Berlin.

You are advised to carry out the registration on your own using the documents that we have prepared for you. However we will also try to offer a registration service, for those of you who did not have the chance to carry out the registration.

Option 1: If you carry out the registration on your own:

• In order to obtain an appointment at any Citizens Office in Berlin we recommend booking an appointment online by clicking on “Termin berlinweit suchen und buchen” on this website.

• For the appointment you will need your passport/National ID, the completed registration form and your landlord’s confirmation (Wohnungsgeberbestätigung)

• If you are accommodated at one of our student dormitories you can pick up both aforementioned documents at the International Office (TA A 148) during opening times.

• If you are accommodated elsewhere, you should obtain the landlord’s confirmation from your landlord but you can still pick up the filled in application form from the International Office.

Option 2: Registration Service (subject to availability)

• We will be able to inform you during our welcome meeting, whether we will be able to offer the registration service for you.

• If we do, we will need to collect your ID/Passport and keep it for a few days and we also need your signature on the application

• From students not accommodated in our dormitories we would also require the landlord’s confirmation




Semester Contribution

The obligatory semester contribution for exchange students in the amount of around 260 EUR needs to be paid by bank transfer from a European bank account (IBAN and BIC) after your arrival in Berlin (within 4 weeks after the Welcome Meeting). It is recommended that students without a European bank account should open a German bank account or a European online bank account.

The semester contribution is almost entirely used to cover the costs for the public transport ticket which entitles you to use the public transport system (city railway, underground, tram and bus) in zones A, B and C (Berlin and surrounding area). A small share of the semester contribution is used to cover other costs, e.g. expenses for the student union.

It is obligatory for all students to pay the semester contribution and it is not possible to stay enrolled without paying the semester contribution.

The semester contribution is not a tuition fee. In accordance with existing exchange cooperation agreements, no additional costs beyond the semester fee are charged.

Students can check on their LSF student portal whether the payment has been received by clicking on "Status of Re-Registration".

Those students who are completing an exchange at HTW Berlin that lasts longer than one semester, will need to transfer the semester contribution for the 2nd semester of their exchange by 1st March (re-registration for the Summer term) or by 1st September (re-registration for Winter term) respectively.

Residence permit for non-EU students (Visa Service)

Every non-EU student remaining in Germany for more than three months is required to apply to the Landesamt für Bürger- und Ordnungsangelegenheiten Berlin (Foreigners' Registration Office) for an official residence permit. The application needs to be made by personal appointment in time before your 90 day visa has expired.

You will be required to submit the following documents to the Foreigners’ Registration Office.

  • Residence Permit Application Form
  • Confirmation of registration with the local citizens' registration office (Bürgeramt)
  • Copy of Passport and/or National  ID card
  • Confirmation of enrolment (Can be downloaded from our LSF Student Portal)
  • Confirmation of health insurance
  • Proof of sufficient financial means
  • Passport photograph (not a computer-generated photograph or colour copy)

The International Office is happy to provide a VISA Servicefor all Incoming Exchange Students which is offered several times during the semester. In case you want to carry out the residence permit prolongation on your own we are still happy to assist you in the process.

Opening a European bank account

As payments in Germany (rent, health insurance and other payments) are generally cashless and are made via bank transfer, we recommend that you should open a bank account unless you have a European bank account which might be accepted in some cases. In case you are staying at one of our dormitories you will require a bank account in order for the deposit which you paid on your room to be refunded after moving out. We recommend you to open a bank account at an online bank with positive reviews such as "N26".

Before departure

  • In case you are staying at one of our dormitories: Inform the dormitory's administration of your moving out date and your bank details for the deposit refund. Also arrange your moving out and viewing with the janitor (Hausmeister)
  • If necessary, obtain signatures/stamps from the International Office at HTW Berlin e.g. for your Erasmus+ documents, confirmation of stay abroad, etc. These documents can be obtained from the International Office of your home university. Please prepare all required documents so only the signature/
    stamp is missing.
  • Punctual cancellation of your health insurance (applies only to non EU-students)
  • Return any borrowed media to the library.
  • De-register from the local citizens' registration office (Bürgeramt) anytime within the period of one week before and two weeks after your departure. It is recommended to book your appointment a few weeks in advance as they are in high demand. The deregistration form can be obtained here.
  • Close your local bank account in case you do not need it anymore.