Exchange within the EU (ERASMUS+)

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100 partner universities in Europe

The most popular and easiest way to arrange a semester abroad is the ERASMUS+ programme of the European Union. The programme is designed to promote student exchanges within the EU and simplify the accreditation process of completed studies. HTW Berlin maintains cooperation partnerships with around 100 European partner universities and numerous student exchanges take place every year.

Duration of funding

With ERASMUS+ you can spend a period of time in another European country at any stage in your study programme:

  • Up to 12 months at a time each during your Bachelor’s, Master’s or doctorate study programme or 24 months for study programmes subject to state examinations (medicine; law etc.)
  • Study in other European countries for periods of 2 to 12 months (also multiple times)


  • Mobility subsidy for additional costs incurred abroad, ranging from a minimum of 490 euros to a maximum of 600 euros per month (more information here)
  • Additional information on social top-ups (more information here)
  • Online language support in the Erasmus+ program (more information here)
  • Participant reports (more information here)
  • Additional support for students with disabilities or chronic illnesses (more information here)
  • Support for students with children (more information here)
  • Working students and graduates (more information here)
  • First-generation students (more information here)

A separate application for the SMS program is not required.

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