Your Studies at HTW Berlin

Table of contents

Semester Dates

Welcome Weeks

Before the official start of the semester, the International Office organises a two-week introductory programme. This includes obligatory information events, cultural activities and an intensive German course. It is mandatory for all incoming exchange students to attend the Welcome Weeks, except for exceptional cases (e.g. hospitalisation, bereavement in the family etc.)

Summer Term 2022

Due to the current pandemic all dates stated below are tentative and based on the present state of planning. All events of the Welcome Weeks are expected to take place in hybrid mode. The delivery mode of courses that are part of the regular academic semester, starting at the beginning of April, depends on the further development of the pandemic. Teaching might take place online, on-campus or as a mix of both. In case certain courses will take place on campus, the prevailing hygiene measures will of course be applied. Should there be any changes with regards to the Welcome Weeks or the regular academic activities all exchange students will of course be informed immediately.

  • Arrival: Flexible
  • Welcome Meeting (online event):  Thursday, 17th March 2022
  • Welcome Weeks (hybrid events): 17th March until 1st April 2022
  • Lecture Period (delivery method t.b.c.): 6th April until 30th July 2022
  • Public Holidays:  15th until 18th April 2022; 27th until 31st May 2022
  • 1st Exam Period: 11th until 30th July 2022 (it is normal that lecture and exam periods overlap)
  • 2nd Exam Period: 23rd September until 8th October 2022 (optional opportunity to re-take failed exams)

Winter Term 2022/23

  • Arrival: Flexible
  • Welcome Meeting: Wednesday, 14th September 2022
  • Welcome Weeks: 14th September until 30th September 2022
  • Lecture Period: 3rd October 2022 until 11th February 2023
  • Public Holidays/Closure Days:  23rd December until 31st December 2022
  • Exam Period: 23rd January until 11th February 2023 (it is normal that lecture and exam periods overlap)
  • 2nd Exam Period: 23rd March until 6th April 2023 (optional opportunity to re-take failed exams)

In case you need to state the duration of your exchange period on your attendance certificate, which is usually used in order to determine your scholarship payments, please use the following dates:

For Start Date: Date of the Welcome Meeting, e.g. 14th September 2022 in Winter Term 2022/23

For End Date: Date of the last day of the First Exam Period, e.g. 11th February 2023 in Winter Term 2022/23

Course Enrolment

The faculty will enroll you for the courses that have been approved on the Learning Agreement that you have submitted during the application process.

During the Welcome Weeks an Introduction Session into our Student Portal (LSF) will take place where you will be shown how to access  and change your course choice (e.g. in case of schedule overlaps), and how to add additional Language Courses (4 ECTS each) and General Courses (AWEs; 2 ECTS each) which  you have to enroll for on your own.

Attending Language Courses

If German is not your native language, depending on your language level you will be required to complete an intensive language course amounting to a total of 40 hours over two weeks (Monday to Friday, four hours per day). This intensive course prepares you linguistically for your studies at HTW Berlin and is therefore mandatory. In order to assess your language knowledge and place you in the most appropriate group, a short German test will be held beforehand. The course encompasses the following content areas:

  • Country studies, customs and traditions in Germany (textbook: Blick auf Deutschland)
  • Organisation of studies at HTW Berlin
  • Further development of reading and listening comprehension (textbook: Leselandschaft)
  • Grammar recap and consolidation
  • Current events (national and international events)

During the semester you can decide whether you wish to attend language courses offered by the Foreign Languages Centre of HTW Berlin. You can choose from

  • different languages (German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Swedish, Russian, Japanese) and
  • different levels (beginner, advanced).

All language courses that take place throughout the entire semester are worth 4 ECTS

! Incoming students are eligible for 1-2 language classes per semester.

Exam Registration

In order for courses to be validated and to appear in your Transcript of Records it is crucial that you are registered for all exams of the courses that you would like to receive credits for, regardless of the assessment type (project, written exam, presentation, etc.)

Please refer to our Exam Registration Guidelines in order to learn more about the Exam Registration Process, the respective deadlines and the importance of the registration.

In case there are some exams you cannot register for please fill in this form and submit it to us during the periods outlined in the aforementioned Guidelines.

! Please note that you must register for exams yourself.

Grading Scale

Each course that our exchange students at HTW Berlin complete consists of one or more types of examination which could e.g. include a presentation, group projects, as well as written assignments or exams.

Written exams which usually take place during the examination period at the end of the semester are the most common form of examination.

In order to find out more about the conversion of our local grades into other grading systems please have a look at our Grading Scale.

Transcript of Records

Around 8 weeks after the end of the 1st examination period and provided that all results have been uploaded to our Student Portal (LSF) by your professors, the International Office will send your Transcript of Records by e-mail to you and to your home university. It is crucial that you have registered in advance for all of your exams.

You will also be notified by the student portal whenever one of your grades has been entered.

In case all of your grades have been uploaded to the student portal before our eight week deadline, you can let us know and we happily request your transcript and send it to you and you home university earlier.

For those students who are staying at HTW Berlin for two semesters, both transcripts will be sent out only after the 2nd semester of their stay.

Alongside the transcripts we will send out a grade conversion table as well as a certificate of the intensive German course that takes part during the Welcome Weeks (subject to attendance).

Please note that it is also possible for you to download a QR-Code certified Grades Overview from the Student Portal (LSF) anytime.

ECTS: European Credit Transfer System

The European Credit Transfer System is an assessment procedure for European universities. The standardised assessment system (30 ECTS points per semester) simplifies the accreditation process and enables academic studies to be transferred within the EU. If you are participating in an Erasmus/Socrates programme, you will need to sign a learning agreement regarding the modules and the number of ECTS you are required to obtain. The completed ECTS can then be accredited at your home university to avoid having to extend the duration of your study programme.