AECO - Architecture Engineering Construction and Operation (Bachelor)

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Short description

This is a track for students in the field of Facility Management, Workplace Management, Architecture, Construction Engineering and Business Engineering. The track takes place in summer semester and winter semester.

In the study programme Facility Management (Bachelor) we developed the HORIZON track “Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Operations” (AECO). In this track four modules (Project Management, Cost & Controlling, Business Process Management & Human Resource Management) are working together on one case study in the field of Workplace Management. In cooperation with an innovative company in Berlin, the case study aims at developing modern, hybrid working environments for their facilities, such as the former Airport Berlin Tempelhof or the Museum of Natural Science, to solve practical problems of our cooperating partner. For this purpose, the project work combines different perspectives required to ensure an efficient operation of your project solution within the building. To work on the case study you are joining a team of 4-5 students in most cases from different study programs for the whole semester. Every semester an excursion to the cooperation partner is organized to gain insights of changing workplace needs based on expert interviews.

Requirements for admission

In order to be admitted and to succeed in this track, you have to fulfill certain prerequisites:

  • You are an enrolled student at a partner university of HTW Berlin.
  • You will have covered at least four semesters in a study programme of Facility Management, Workplace Management, Architecture, Construction Engineering and/or Business Engineering prior to participation
  • An advanced level of B2 in English is compulsory.

Programme parts

For your semester at HTW Berlin, you are able to attend 4 modules plus a language modul German to gain 25 - 30 ECTS in total:

  • Human Resource Management (5 ECTS)
  • Project Management (5 ECTS)
  • Cost & Controlling in Facility Management & Construction (5 ECTS)
  • Business Process Management (5 ECTS)

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