Environmental Engineering and Sustainability (Bachelor)

Table of contents

Short description

This is the track for engineering students, any subject ranging from Environmental Engineering to Mechanical Engineering or Electrical Engineering...

It focuses on courses dealing with technical solutions to the management of environmental resources in a sustainable manner in order to protect human health and the diverse systems that support life.

As a participant in this track you will combine classes from different branches of knowledge in this field, such as Biomass and Waste Utilization and Sustainable Building Technology. These courses can be supplemented by a wealth of electives (provided there is no timetable clash) – ranging from courses that convey lab skills in general engineering to courses that impart professional skills, such as Project Lab in Sciences and Technology or Project Management.

Requirements for admission

In order to be admitted and to succeed in this track, you have to fulfill certain prerequities:

  • You are an enrolled student at a partner university of HTW Berlin.
  • You will have covered at least four semesters in an engineering study programme prior to participation.
  • Basic knowledge in Mathematics, Physics, and Electrical Engineering is expected.
  • An advanced level of B2 in English is compulsory.

Programme parts

During your semester or year at HTW Berlin, you are required to select a combination of different programme parts:

  • Core Courses
  • Elective Courses, e.g. Language Courses or optional AWE courses (subject to availability)

Courses offered