Internships abroad

Most of our study programmes require an internship. How about gathering relevant work experience in an international setting? The International Office provides information about various programmes that offer financial support for internships abroad.

Important: plan early!

An internship in a foreign country requires careful planning. Although some internships are paid, this often does not cover the costs of living, travel, insurance, etc.

We therefore recommend that you inform yourself at an early stage about the financial support you may be able to obtain. Please come to our office two or three semesters before your intended internship.

The earlier you start planning your internship, the more likely you will have an easier experience. Please consider the different application deadlines for the (various) programmes. In some cases you need to apply for financial support 10 months in advance, however you do not need to submit an internship agreement at this time.

Sources of funding

The International Office provides help and support with at least 700 euros regarding the following sources of funding:

For students: